Sofia Esposito

Hey handsome,

I’m all about cutting the small talk and going beyond the surface to embrace the intriguing layers that make up who we are. I come alive in the realm of intellectual connection, but I can just as easily take a playful jab and find the humor in anything. In a world filled with filters and facades, I’m looking to break the mold and keep things refreshingly genuine and light-hearted.

I’m captivated by the wonders of fitness and nutrition. The intricate world of anatomy and the science behind our sensory systems ignite a fire within me. You’ll often find me indulging in documentaries and books that peel back the layers of our bodies. Each revelation stirs my deepest passions, yearning to explore and savor every aspect of our physical existence. But don’t mistake me for just a homebody; I’m a wanderlust-driven adventurer, eager to explore the world and its diverse cultures and cuisines.

Lounging in laidback spots with live music, catching a comedy show, trying new restaurants, or doing something completely random like indoor skydiving are some of my favorite ways to bond during a date. And if it’s a first for both of us and we can experience it together, even better! I live for those moments of discovery and pure exhilaration.

Being a woman who adores chivalry, there’s something undeniably sexy about feeling protected and cherished by a strong man. It allows me to step into my feminine essence, and I can’t help but lose myself and submit to your desires. The thought of being manhandled, guided by your firm touch and dominant presence, sends waves of electric anticipation coursing through my body.

As our bodies entwine in the art of foreplay, I savor every moment of building appetite for each other, indulging in the enticing teasing that sets the stage for a night of passionate exploration. I want to feel every inch of your body through a sensual massage that starts with my fingertips gliding over your skin and ends with my mouth taking it all in, leaving us both craving more.

Let’s succumb to the allure of the unknown and immerse ourselves in the tantalizing chemistry we are bound to create. I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Sofia xx


1 hour – $850

90 min – $1100

2 hour- $1400

3 hour- $2000

4 hour- $2600

Overnight 10 hour- $4000

FMTY 24 hour- $6000

Couples- +$400 an hour

I’m dedicated to making our time together memorable, a time to unwind and leave all your worries behind. Building a connection is something I truly value, so longer bookings are my preference & prioritized. To ensure a smooth beginning, kindly have the agreed donation ready in an envelope upon our meeting; this way, there’s no need for me to request it. It would be appreciated if you could arrive feeling refreshed and showered, with pleasant breath. Let’s respect our scheduled time, and if we decide to extend it, additional compensation is expected to ensure we continue having an amazing time together. Your understanding is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to our meeting.


Age: 24

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 36-25-37

Birthday: 08/31


Education: Bachelors

Personality: Fun/laidback

Drink: Coffee

Food: Steak

Flower: Roses

Favorite brands: Chanel, Lululu & Alo Yoga

Hobbies: Health & wellness, cooking, traveling, shows

Fragrance: Chanel Chance


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